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Welcome to Infection Control Services

Infection Control Services is the dedicated Infection Control Division of Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services. With over 20 years experience of working in the Environmental Hygiene and Infection Control we provide a dedicated Infection Control Service to a wide range of customers across London, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout the UK.

Through this website we aim to use our wealth of knowledge and experience to help prevent the threat of infections. We provide a fully dedicated Infection Control Service which is used in a wide range of environments including GP Surgeries, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Leisure Centres and Office Based Businesses. Our dedicated Infection Control Service can quickly eliminate the infection and provide you with the long term protection against the re-occurrence of Infections and Contamination.

Our Services are insurance company compliant and we provide a Fully Audited Cleaning & Hygiene Service including Visual & Photographic Evidence, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Daily work sheets, Completion forms and offer a recognised certificate of completion on all works. We are fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor and we are also a full member of The Building Engineering Services Association(BESA).

In 2020 we established our fully dedicated Coronavirus Cleaning Service offering a Deep Cleaning Service if you are concerned that your Home or Business Premises has been affected by The Coronavirus please Click Here or call us today on 0345 202 5757.

For more information about our Specialist Infection Control Cleaning Services Click Here or call us today on 0345 202 5757

Infection Control Specialists

With over 20 years experience of dealing with infection control situations we believe that Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning services are the infection control specialists to use in any outbreaks of infection.

Our services have been used by a whole range of clients including Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, Offices, Schools, Nurseries, Dentists and GP Surgeries.

The proven processes and procedures that we use will quickly eliminate the threat and lead to the long term protection against the re emergence of viruses, bacteria and infections.

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Infection Control Environments

In this area of the site we look at some of the main locations that our infection control service has been used in over recent years.

We look at the area of office based infections and the potential staffing problems that can occur due to the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses in the office environment.

We also take a look at SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) and the possible symptoms,problems and possible causes of SBS in the work environment. We also look at the importance of clean Ventilation and Duct Systems.

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Hygiene Testing Service

We provide a specialist Hygiene Testing service to a large number of businesses cross Bournemouth, Southampton, London and throughout the UK.

This hygiene testing service has become vital for many many businesses due to new legislations and tighter controls for public welfare and public safety being established over recent years.

Our established testing services can help eliminate the threat of dangerous bacteria being spread in the workplace and causing infections for both staff and the public.

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